Website Credits revitalised by digital agency Yump

The team at Vitality Brands and digital agency Yump have worked together closely to redesign and redevelop the official website for Well Naturally, a supermarket health brand most well-known and well-loved for its No Sugar Added range of dark chocolates, milk chocolates, baking melts and high-protein bars.

The new website was launched at the same time as the newly unveiled rebrand of the entire No Sugar Added product range. The challenge faced by Yump, the Melbourne digital agency behind the website, was to create an engaging online portal for both new customers who are discovering the no-sugar world for the first time and Well Naturally’s loyal fans who are craving for fresh content such as news and recipes.

Arriving at the Well Naturally homepage, visitors are greeted with an interactive mosaic of pathways including the Well Naturally story, frequently asked questions, products and new recipes, so they can pick and choose what they like to read further. There is also an Instagram feed showing the latest picture tagged #wellnaturally so fans can play a part in crafting the Well Naturally homepage with their own content.

The Products pages feature interactive galleries where visitors can browse the variety of available flavours and each variety’s detailed nutritional information including ingredients, allergens and calorie content. Jump to the Recipes section, which uploads new recipes for indulgent, chocolate-filled and homemade treats that visitors can read, download, share with friends and most importantly, create at home using Well Naturally’s No Sugar Added Melts.

The Melbourne web design team at Yump collaborated effectively with Vitality Brands to ensure the website look and feel stayed true to the Well Naturally’s brand values and guidelines, with vibrant colours, elegant typography, and clean use of space to create a modern, positive and sophisticated digital experience for all visitors and fans.