Chilli Hot Chocolate

Recipe by Healthy Natty

Makes 2 hot chocolates


Hot chocolate


Toppings (optional)

  • Well Naturally Chocolate Rich Dark, grated
  • Whipped cream (use coconut for a vegan alternative)
  • Dried chilli flakes

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  1. In a mortar and pestle (or stick blender with attachment), grind together Well Naturally Chocolate, Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar, chilli flakes and salt. Stir through the Power Super Foods Cacao Powder.
  2. Pour the milk into a medium saucepan with the chocolate chilli mix.
  3. Place on a medium heat and slowly bring to a simmer, stirring continuously. Continue to cook until the Well Naturally Chocolate has melted.
  4. Serve immediately, topped with whipped cream, extra Well Naturally Chocolate and chilli flakes to taste.

For a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, omit the Well Naturally Chocolate and chilli and triple the Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar to 3 teaspoons.

Cook the Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar alone in the pan with a quarter of a cup of water until golden and bubbling on the outside before adding the milk and remaining ingredients. To finish, add 2 pinches of salt.

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