What You Need to Know About Sugar

What are sugars?
What is the difference between natural and processed sugars?
What types of sugar are the worst?
How much sugar should we have on a daily basis?
In a normal daily diet, how readily would you achieve the WHO RDI of 25g/ 5 teaspoons of sugar?
What are the most detrimental effects of consuming processed sugar in excess?
What types of foods containing natural sugars are best to have?
Will excluding all sugars (including natural sugars) from your diet have any detrimental effects?
How do I know how much sugar is in the foods I buy?
What is the best way to eliminate processed sugars?
What ingredients are used to substitute sugars in both processed foods and as tabletop sweeteners?
What are the detrimental effects of being reliant or addicted to processed sugars?
Does all sugar immediately turn to fat?
Will cutting out all sugars (natural and processed) help you drop weight quickly and effectively?
61 alternative names for sugar.